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Who are we?

We are 3D graphic studio

  • S nadšením a kreativitou pre vás tvoríme marketingový materiál. 
  • We help clients present and sell their project faster.  
  • We have a professional team of designers and architects.
  • A quality render is the basis for success in our company.
  • 3D vizualizácie, prelety dronom a predajný web pod jednou strechou.
Erik Team Energetic Vision


Years of experience means:
Erik Team Energetic Vision


We offer a comprehensive service

Idea. Suggestion. Implementation.

Our team of designers and architects will make sure that every project is feasible, creating technical drawings and quality outputs.

  • We cooperate with the best suppliers in Slovakia
  • Every product in the visualization can be ordered and realized
  • We can arrange furniture delivery and installation at discounted prices.
  • We provide free initial consultation and support.


Our Services

360 ° Prehliadky
Reality Web
Drone footage


On the energetic vision website, we offer more than just design and visualizations. With our refined designs and photorealistic visualizations, you can see your future projects as if you were standing right in front of them. Whether you are a developer, architect or real estate agent, we allow you to clearly view the finished project and flexibly change its design, while always being sure that you have a clear idea of the space, layout and aesthetics.

Our experienced team of CGI artists and animators is ready to bring your projects and concepts to life with vivid and detailed animations. These animations are not only a perfect tool for presentations, but also an effective way to engage and reach potential buyers, investors and clients. With us you have a key tool for success in the world of real estate.

360° Virtual


We allow you unique views of the exterior and interior in the form of 360° visualizations. We use the latest BIM technology, which gives you the opportunity to see your project in virtual reality, almost as if you were there. in it personally. With our real-time clicks, smooth movement in the object and the ability to easily change colors and furniture in the design, you can explore the details with ease.

This innovative way of approaching projects will interest architects, developers and real estate agents, and help them better visualize and present future projects.



Using drone technology to capture video is a revolutionary tool that has the potential to significantly improve your architectural projects.

In particular, the creation of a 360° panorama using drone footage is an excellent method for presenting the wider surroundings of the area being addressed. This feature allows viewers to gain a deeper understanding of the space and its surroundings, which adds depth to the overall concept.

Another valuable use of drone footage for your architectural projects is the ability to integrate a CGI model into the video. This feature is extremely beneficial, especially if the property is still in the planning stages, as it gives potential buyers and investment partners a detailed picture of how the space will really look and how it will blend gracefully into the surrounding landscape.



We provide exceptional web solutions for developers, architects and clients who want to sell their projects quickly. Our expertise includes website development with an emphasis on sales, SEO optimization and the use of tools such as Google Analytics. We also offer comprehensive marketing material for the web. 

Our services include effective lead generation campaigns and online presentations that can significantly streamline your project. 

Developeri, realitné kancelárie a architekti

Marketing pre vaše nehnuteľnosti

  • Objavte výhody 3D prehliadok pre marketing nehnuteľností.
  • Zistite, ako prezentovať nehnuteľnosti v úplne novom svetle.
  • Zistite, ako môže 3D vizualizácia zvýšiť angažovanosť kupujúcich a urýchliť predaj.
  • Získajte odborné tipy na využitie 3D prehliadok, aby ste sa odlíšili od konkurencie.


Chaty a pozemky v Krpáčove

Krpáčovo park s.r.o.

Hotel a penzón Bútorky

Agropole s.r.o

Permakultúra v záhrade a mobilný dom
Permaculture Hainburg

Ci2 Technologies s.r.o.

Terraced housing St. Jur

Development comp.


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