Professional drone footage

4K quality aerial drone footage at friendly prices suitable for developers, architects, real estate agents and advertising agencies.

Professional drone footage

4K quality aerial drone footage at friendly prices suitable for developers, architects, real estate agents and advertising agencies.
Vtáčia perspektíva v meste

Aerial videos and photos from a drone


360° aerial photography

Dronove zabery

Visualizations for drone footage

záber z vrchu lesa

Visualizations from a bird's eye view

Fitting a 3D model to a drone shot

The future is here

Using modern technology , we can create a 3D model of your property and seamlessly combine it with real drone footage. You will be able to see your property as a natural part of its surroundings. Rely on our expertise for exceptional results. Let us present your property in the best light


Drone footage includes

pohľad na dron

The perfect solution for:

  • - Residential projects
  • - Office space
  • - Land
  • - Areas and halls

Use drone footage to showcase your land and office space. With photorealistic 3D visualization and transport infrastructure, you will be able to reach investors and clients. If you have large plots of land, try photographing and filming them using a drone. Professional quality 360° photography is also available to create a virtual tour. Share on social media or website.

For your designs, we will take professional shots to your liking, capturing realistic views of the property or processing photos and video of the entire upcoming project.

Do you need to immortalize an important moment such as a wedding or a corporate event? You can count on us. We will ensure that the event is virtually unforgettable. Filming is done with sensitivity and safely so as not to interfere with the flow of the event. We do not fly directly over people but rather outside the venue. Whether you are interested in photos or videos with us you will come to your senses.

  • -Constructions and construction processes
  • - Bridges
  • - Chimneys 
  • - Roofs
  • - Burners
  • - Highways
  • -Visual building inspections
  • -Monitoring of high-rise buildings

The environment around the building naturally causes wear and tear on the surfaces and materials of high-rise buildings. With early analysis from drone footage, devastating consequences and very costly repairs can be prevented. Visual inspections with a drone offer inspections and defect assessments of objects at high altitudes without the need for high costs. 

Another advantage is thatthe drone is able to memorize specific points above the construction and thanks to this, a time-lapse video or photographs of the construction can be created

The drone that does not dissapoint


Proffesional service

Experienced pilots with an eye for detail. The satisfaction of our clients is of paramount importance to us.

Quality technology

The drone footage is captured by a DJI drone to guarantee the highest quality outputs.

Legal flights

We hold all necessary licenses for the performance of aerial work (UAV).

FAQ - Inserting 3D models into photos:

After capturing photos and videos with the drone, we enter the post-production process, where we integrate detailed 3D models so that they blend perfectly with the real footage.


Our designers work on precise customization of 3D models according to the visual style of the photos. We make sure that the inserted models are indistinguishable from the real elements in the image.

Deploying 3D models adds depth and authenticity to visual projects. In this way, we can better present specific elements or ideas in a real environment.

Customers have the opportunity to actively collaborate on creating scenarios and concepts for deploying 3D models. We provide them with space to express their ideas and requirements

FAQ - Taking pictures and making videos with a drone

Our drones are equipped with high-definition cameras, while a dedicated team monitors the aesthetics and optimal angles to capture impressive shots.

Our skilled team of editors work with music and video, choosing the right music and precise editing, creating engaging and moving videos.

Combining photos and videos from the drone allows for a more comprehensive view of the project. Photos capture moments, while videos offer a view of the overall context.

Customers have the opportunity to express their preferences for music selection and editing style, which ensures that the resulting video will be in line with their vision.

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